Getting Started

The page is an open space. Your space, where anything is possible because you call the shots. There is no constraint here, only the scope of your imagination. And this is a scope that is ever evolving. Writers are not just born, they are made. And continue to be made through life experiences and how these shape our creative imagination.

So this is where to begin. With a blank page and a pen. Simple as that. Start jotting down any thought you may have, no matter how random. Each random thought you have written is potentially the seed of a story, poem or article; whichever genre you feel comfortable in writing, or adventurous in exploring.

However, you may still find yourself stuck for ideas. But there are ideas all around you, just waiting to be plucked from the air. So try these as a starter. A voyage around your bedroom. A family secret. A family event. Your last holiday. Your first day at school. The possibilities are endless. And you don’t have to constrain yourself by being entirely factual. If your imagination can embellish the facts with more colour, then let it. That is what creative writing is about. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


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