The Spider’s Song


Photo by Tuesday Hathor

The vibration told her that a visitor was calling. The strand that pulled signalled the direction and she quickly scrambled across her webbed tapestry. Sure enough, another fly was entangled and struggling to escape. And, sensing its host’s presence, it struggled and screamed even more.

She rounded about her panicking guest and calmly tried to reassure it. ‘I’m sorry, little fly. I have to devour you for that is my lot in life. But I will be gentle, my friend. I promise.’ To steady its quivering body, she began to wrap the fly in her own silk, while singing the lullaby she always sang to comfort her prey.

Be still my little friend

Don’t you cry

Let me nurse you now

My little fly.

Be silent now

Don’t you weep

The day is closing

Time to sleep.

Even within its silk corset, her guest continued to struggle in vain. She gently crawled around to the back of its head, with the soothing sound of ‘Shhhhhh, now.’ Her fangs penetrated and the venom entered like a mother’s milk, while she continued to hum her song. Why do they fear this so? She pondered to herself. My husbands all loved it.

Withdrawing her fangs, she said ‘There. That was not so bad, was it. And now you shall never again feel any pain, any fear. Never starve, never be hunted. You will join the others who came here, within me. And there you will be at peace.’

The struggling stopped and she backed away, watching as her guest stiffened with paralysis, its insides beginning to change. ‘Soon, my little friend,’ she gently soothed. ‘Soon.’

Barry McCann